## Latest Posts ### [[Specific Exceptions are Cool]] 12/08/2023 I was working on something today where I wanted to use the AzureAD PowerShell module, you know as one does. In order to use any of the commands in the module it has this weird dependency where you have to FIRST run the `Connect-AzureAD` command. Which makes sense, you want to make sure you're connected to something before you try and do it. ### [[PowerShell - Get-Help]] 11/13/2023 I recently spoke at a conference in Miami. During that conference, I was again reminded of just how deep the rabbit hole goes for PowerShell. The number of things you can learn, and or forget over the years is astounding. So, if you had to pick things to always remember about PowerShell, what would you choose to remember? ### [[ConfigMgr Client Update]] Sometimes, it's really useful to update your ConfigMgr client using PowerShell. This is a common little script I use in Demo Labs where there might be multiple Configmgr environments, and management points in the same domain. ### [[Get Supersedence for KB-ID]] Sometimes when Microsoft, or a third party vendor, releases an update it's useful to track down what update has superseded something. In particular this is useful if an older update with a critical CVE included has been superseded by a newer update. If you're familiar with the ConfigMgr GUI you know you can get this information from the console. However, that's a lot of clicking. This method let's you get it direct from SQL instead. ### [[Enabling the New Microsoft Teams]] The newest version of Microsoft Teams is slowly coming to an environment near you. If you want to get ahead of the curve, here is a quick walk through on how to enable an update policy so a select set of people in your organization can start testing. ### [[The creeping danger of CVE-2023-23397]] CVE-2023-23397 has been on everyones mind for the past month, but like most vulnerabilities that seem to have a clear path to action people forget about it quickly. While organizations were likely able to quickly patch, were they also able to then spend the time, energy and resources to do a full investigation to validate no users had been compromised?