ConfigMgr – 1910 User Policy for Multiple user Sessions

Building customer environments

Something I like to do when building a new configuration manager environment is to create and deploy an admin tool box. This is especially easy when you have tools like PatchMyPC as you can pre-package certain applications like SQL Management studio using the enterprise plus subscription features. When I do this I’m usually not the only consumer of this toolbox, and it’s usually needed on different workstations and servers by various admins in my team. This allows me to do cool things like – make 7zip available to install on servers to ONLY the admin account of my team mates.

Servers – Recent Change

In the past it’s been not “supported” to use user based deployments for multi session endpoints. It has worked, but depends on number of users and who has slot 0 in the session.

Starting in 1910 the ConfigMgr team has added new functionality for user based policy. Now your MGMT server (which is almost guaranteed to have multiple users) supports the ability to have user based policy! What’s important to know about this is that the setting is disabled by default, This means if you previously had user based deployments that were working – (supported or not) – they may now fail with error code 0x0 until you change this setting.

You can read the details about this setting here:

Be aware that this setting could cause performance impacts!

Happy deploying!

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