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With social distancing people are looking for reliable and simple way to connect with friends and family. For many the “gaming” platform Discord has become their way to connect. Discord while incredibly easy to set up, especially compared to its former competitors Ventrillo and Teamspeak, is not always intuitive for first time users.

Now, as some of my readers know I’m an administrator over at the WinAdmins discord. A community with a focus on professional development that also acts as a gateway for IT professionals to stay in contact between conferences you can join it here but finish reading before you do.


First lets talk about notifications. When you first join a server depending on how it’s been set up you might get a TON of notifications. So it’s good to be aware of the options that are available to turn on and off. First there are – Server Notifications – for the entire server and then there are channel specific notifications. Youi can access the server specific notifications by right clicking the server in question and then selecting notification settings. This then allows you to help avoid alert fatigue and only get notifications for certain “tags”. Tags work the same way as on twitter or in Office365. Using an @ and a user name or ROLE.

Discord however doesn’t stop there as it understands in servers with large communities there may be specific channels you wish to get notifications and others you don’t ever want to see anything. For those channels you can use the mute option for the channel.

Voice Chat

Of the many neat features for Discord is voice chat! Most servers will have a few different voice channels that people can participate in. Some will even have the option set up for video cameras. One thing to be very aware of is you join a voice channel by clicking it. Once you connect it’s not “obvious” how to disconnect. However there is a button at the bottom for both the app and the website version that you need to click to disconnect.

You can also click the button to the left to enable the “KRISP” beta functioning which acts as software based noise cancelling. On other set of options you need to know about is directly below this which allow you to, enable your camera, share your screen, mute yourself and “Deafen” yourself.

  • 1 : Mute – Self-Explanatory it prevents sound from being picked up by your microphone and sent.
  • 2: Deafen: Automatically mutes you and makes it so you can’t hear what’s happening in the channel you are in. Useful if you are in multiple calls on PC or need to hear the kids down the hall.
  • 3: Settings: – This takes you to the settings panel for discord specifically the audio settings panel to ensure you have the right hardware set to use.
  • 4: Video: Turns on your video camera so that everyone in the call can see you.
  • 5: Screen: Turns on screen share, for a selected screen or application.
  • 6: Disconnect: – Removes you from the currently connected voice chat.
  • 7: Krisp – Enables the configuration of the noise cancelling software.

Discord is a growing platform in fact it’s growing so much there is a Microsoft Discord server (not official but VERY large with a high number of Microsoft employee’s present) where they get involved with the community Check it out!


If you want more tips and tricks about using Discord or how Bots work with discord let me know and I’ll put up some more content around how to get started.

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