# Latest Posts ## [[Enabling the New Microsoft Teams]] The newest version of Microsoft Teams is slowly coming to an environment near you. If you want to get ahead of the curve, here is a quick walk through on how to enable an update policy so a select set of people in your organization can start testing. ## [[The creeping danger of CVE-2023-23397]] CVE-2023-23397 has been on everyones mind for the past month, but like most vulnerabilities that seem to have a clear path to action people forget about it quickly. While organizations were likely able to quickly patch, were they also able to then spend the time, energy and resources to do a full investigation to validate no users had been compromised? # Who Am I Hey there, I’m Jordan. Nice to meet you. If you’ve found your way here, you've found your way into my notebook. About two years ago, I started keeping a regular notebook using an application called Obsidian to help keep track of weird notes, and information I found interesting. Obisidan has a solution called "publish" which let's me take those notes and share them with you. The organization of this website will be wildly different than that of a typical blog, as you might find anything from helpful technology bits, rants about losing power, and rural america to far more interesting things. As I grow this I'll help you find more content using the Obsidian Graph and the search bar. Don't worry I'll also add metadata tagging too. # Didn't this site used to have a lot more content? If you've been here before, you're probably wondering where all the content went. The simple answer is, a lot of it was on WordPress, and I'm fiddling around with different options. If you want to find the old content, it's still available at https://problemresolution.org However, over the coming months, I'll be doing a lot of testing, and so things may move around a bunch.