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Powershell Scripts. – Please Note – Running any of these scripts assumes that you have read the script and understand their function. We do not guarantee that it will work in your environment and choosing to utilize our script does not mean we will support it or you in doing so. Use at YOUR own risk.

Powershell Members of a Group

Every now and again there comes a need to get the members of a group and manipulate that data in some fashion. Now there are many ways to skin this cat and work with this data from VBscript, to utilizing DSquery to Quest Powershell CMDLETS to just raw powershell cmdlets. Rather than spend time writing ...

Powershell Change The Local Administrator Account/Password

Back in May of 2014 Microsoft released a windows update – MS14-025 – that removed the ability to push out passwords to workstations remotely using group policy due to issues with elevation of privilege. If that patch is applied it’s a rather large pain to change the local admin after that without something like SCCM in ...

Below is a script, provided as is, that is a non-fancy way to reset permissions with some sense of logic on a users home directory. I’ve got a slightly better version of it, but I want to tweak a few things before posting it online.